Deposit on bet9ja using atm or debit card

Bet9ja is an indigenous online gaming platform and one of the foremost betting sites in the country. They are one of the pioneer betting sites and as expected, they are living up to their reputation. Being one of the oldest and trusted bookies in Nigeria, they attract a large customer base that cuts across the different strata of Nigerian society, hence their varied deposit system for their teeming customers.

There are quite a lot of payment options for Bet9ja users to choose from, and we have already exhaustively highlighted and itemized the various bet9ja deposit methods. However, in this article, our focus is going to be on how to deposit on bet9ja using an ATM or debit card.

In this article, we are going to show you how to fund your Bet9ja account using your ATM or Debit card. In addition, you will also find information on Bet9ja ATM deposit code and many more.

bet9ja deposit with debit card pr via atm code

The banking sector in Nigeria is one of the most advanced on the continent and quite a large chunk of the population have Bank accounts with at least a Bank and in some cases, some individuals have multiple accounts with different banks operating in the country. The surge in the number of individuals opening Bank accounts, therefore, has necessitated an increase in the number of debit cards and Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

Therefore, due to the increasing number of Automated Teller Machines and debit cards in circulation, Bet9ja  have added ATM deposits and debit card deposit into their long list of deposit available to their customers.

Bet9ja ATM and Debit Card Deposit Options

One of the reasons why ATM deposits are still very popular amongst Nigerian punters is that you do need an internet connection to fund your betting account. More so, they are safe and secure. Not to mention that the use of ATMs are closely watched and regulated by the financial regulatory authorities in Nigeria. Bet9ja deposit via debit card is also fast and it also offers convenience. With these two deposit methods, customers won’t have any difficulty funding their betting account.


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ATM Deposit

Locating an ATM is not hard, given the number of Automated Teller Machines available in Nigeria, especially in big and metropolitan cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and many other cities and towns. Bet9ja ATM deposit is quite easy, as the process of making a payment into a betting account is not far off from the day to day use of the ATM for other transactions.

  • Min. ₦ Card Dependent – Max. ₦ Card Dependent  – Immediate – Fees. ₦ 100+1.25% up to ₦ 50

Debit Card Deposit

The Debit card option allows customers to fund their Bet9ja account via debit cards or ATM cards as they are widely known in Nigeria. The deposit via debit card is usually done through payment gateways or intermediaries such as Quickteller, Paystack and Flutterwave. To use either of the above-listed methods to deposit into your betting account, you need to own a bank account and of course, a debit card issued by your Bank. You also need to have sufficient funds in your account to carry out a deposit transaction into your betting account.

Bet9ja accepts both Mastercard and Visacard.

  • Quickteller-Min. ₦100 – Max. ₦10,000  – Instant – Fees. ₦ 50 + 1.25 up to ₦ 50

How to deposit on Bet9ja using ATM

To fund your Bet9ja account, you can use an ATM near you. All you need to initiate and complete the transaction is your debit card (ATM card) and your unique Bet9ja User ID. Customers can find their usernames at the top right corner of the website after logging in. The following are the steps to fund your Bet9ja account using ATM.

  1. Visit a quickteller or Interswitch enabled ATM
  2. Insert your card and enter your PIN
  3. Select ‘Paybills’ or Quickteller depending on the ATM
  4. Select your account type
  5. Choose a payment option-select either ‘pay merchant’ or ‘others’ depending on the ATM
  6. Enter the Bet9ja ATM payment code or Merchant code which is 04226901
  7. Input your customer reference number which is your Bet9ja UserID
  8. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit
  9. Input your phone number and select proceed
  10. Confirmation of a successful payment is then sent to you

Bet9ja ATM deposit method

How to deposit in Bet9ja using Debit Cards

You can make a Bet9ja deposit with Mastercard and Visacard. Payment gateways or intermediaries such as Quickteller, Paystack and Flutterwave are used to complete the transaction. You don’t have to register with any of these intermediaries. All you need is your debit card and other relevant details. Then you are well on your way to funding your bet9ja account.

To deposit into your Bet9ja account using a payment gateway like you only have to follow the following procedure:

  1. Log in to your Bet9ja account and click on deposit on the top right corner of the homepage
  2. Then select Quickteller online instant deposit
  3. You will then find a link that takes you to the payment page on the Quickteller website
  4. Enter your mobile number or email address
  5. Fill in your Bet9ja UserID
  6. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  7. Then click on ‘Continue’
  8. Select the card option
  9. Enter your debit card details
  10. Fill in your PIN
  11. Finally, click on ‘PAY’
  12. Your new credit will reflect in your account

Bet9ja Quickteller payment


Bet9ja did not just become one of the biggest and most popular bookies in Nigeria overnight, they earned their reputation. Aside from providing customers with diverse betting markets and great odds, they have also done a good job ensuring that customers deposit options are numerous.

As far as depositing and the bet9ja withdrawal options are concerned, the bookie has covered the basics and customers can never run out of options. It even gets better with the debit card and ATM deposit options. These deposit methods are safe, fast, convenient and above all, the charges are moderate and they won’t leave a hole in the customer’s pocket.

You can find even many more ways to deposit in betting sites in Africa available to you as we have exhaustively presented the various payment methods for you.