how to withdraw money from Helabet

Helabet began operations in Kenya in 2015 and has since gradually developed, acquiring a sizable market share, mostly due to its offers to the Kenyan betting industry. This has aided the company’s client growth. Helabet is also enticing betting clients by providing popular and simple payment methods for transactions. If you haven’t opened an account at the bookie yet, make sure to check out our post on how to deposit in Helabet first. There, you will immediately see that Helabet covers a very solid range of payment options, therefore allowing bettors to easily and quickly deposit and retrieve their cash. In this analysis, we will take a closer look at the Helabet withdrawal alternatives for Kenyan betting consumers.

Helabet deposit methods

Helabet Kenya Withdrawal Options

When it comes to withdrawing funds from their betting accounts, Helabet Kenya users have a plethora of alternatives to select from. It is one of the betting sites that offer a variety of withdrawal methods. Bank cards, mobile money services, and cryptocurrencies are among the available alternatives.

Customers can only use Mpesa for mobile money services. Fortunately, Mpesa is widely used, and the vast majority of betting clients have a Mpesa mobile wallet that they may use to make withdrawals. Mpesa mobile money is accepted as a payment method by nearly all Kenyan bookies and one must use the same mobile number he/she registered with to make the withdrawal.

Visa and Mastercard are the only bank cards accepted on Helabet for withdrawals and there are no service fees.

Helabet Kenya Withdrawa options

The bookmaker accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Tether. They are not widely used in the Kenyan market, but they are one of the options for accessing your funds.

Bank Cards

  • Visa – Min. KES 150 – Max. KES 1,000,000 – 1 minute to 7 days – No fees
  • Mastercard – Min. KES 150 – Max. KES 1,000,000 – 1 minute to 7 days – No fees

Mobile Money

  • Mpesa – Min. KES 10 – Max. – KES 300,000 – Instant – Fees. KES 12 – 210


  • Litecoin – Min. 0.01 LTC – Max. Nil – Instant – No fees
  • Ethereum – Min. 130 USD – Max. Nil – Instant – No fees
  • Bitcoin – Min. 0.10 ADA– Max. Nil – Instant – No fees
  • Bitcoin Cash – Min. 1.00 mBCH – Max. Nil – Instant – No fees
  • Dogecoin – Min. 1.00 DOGE – max. Nil – Instant – No fees
  • Tether – Min. 1.50 USD – Max. Nil – Instant – No fees


Mpesa is a prominent mobile payment service in Kenya and is the most preferred withdrawal method used by betting clients. Here’s how you can access your Helabet funds to your Mpesa mobile wallet:

  1. Enter your username and password on the log in page
  2. Go to Payments and click the withdraw button
  3. Select Mpesa as the  preferred method
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, which must be at least Ksh 10
  5. Confirm the transaction
  6. Funds will be sent to your M-Pesa mobile wallet


You may use your bank card to make significant withdrawals using this payment option unlike the mbile money (Mpesa option). Here are the procedures to take while using a Visa or MasterCard.

  1. Log in to your account on the Helabet website
  2. Click on ‘Payments,’ then ‘Withdraw’
  3. Choose either Visa or Mastercard as your withdrawal method
  4. Enter the amount to be withdrawn
  5. To complete the withdrawal, click the ‘Confirm’ button
  6. The withdrawn amount will be recorded in the account

On Helabet, Visa and Mastercard withdrawals are free of charge.


Cryptocurrencies are a new payment mechanism that is slowly gaining traction in the betting industry. Helabet is one of the few betting platforms in Kenya that accept cryptocurrency and they actually seven methods. Here’s how to use cryptocurrencies to access your funds in your Helabet account:

  1. Access your Helabet account
  2. Select the  ‘payments’ and click ‘Withdraw’ tab
  3. Navigate to the ‘Cryptocurrency’ option
  4. Choose your favorite coin from the list
  5. Your withdrawal will be reflected in your crypto account shortly
Helabet Kenya Withdrawal


Helabet has done an excellent job of providing a range of payment methods for customers to use when withdrawing funds from their betting accounts. This has allowed Helabet to acquire more clients while remaining competitive in the Kenyan industry. Helabet withdrawal options, include mobile money, bank methods, and cryptocurrency, and are quite interesting.

On mobile money, Mpesa’s prominence as a payment option in Kenya makes it a must-have for any serious Kenyan bookmaker. It is also the primary method for how to withdraw money from odibets, which is a major bookmaker in the region. Therefore, have Mpesa is key and punters are always looking for sites with such withdrawal methods. In contrast, Helabet would be prudent to include Airtel Money, as another mobile payment option. The availability of both options guarantees that all mobile money users are covered.

Customers of Helabet have access to bank card withdrawal payment methods that are linked to Visa and Mastercard, allowing them to move money from their Helabet betting account to their card. These bank cards also permit large withdrawals of up to KES 1 million.

Crypto currencies can work as alternatives to more traditional payment methods

Cryptocurrencies are a new payment mechanism that is gaining popularity in Kenya. Helabet is one of the few Kenyan bookmakers who accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Their selection of cryptocurrency alternatives is likewise amazing, and it includes the most popular currencies.

In general, we like Helabet since it provides gamblers with a variety of payment alternatives. The vast range of payment options and the inclusion of the most common methods have assured that nearly every punter has adequate options to access their funds. We expect that Helabet will be eager to provide its consumers with additional withdrawal payment alternatives and continue growing its market share in Kenya.

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