BetFox deposit

BetFox, a relative newcomer to the Ghanaian betting scene, has been making waves since its launch in 2021 by offering attractive services and features to win over customers. Recognizing the preferences of Ghanaian bettors, BetFox Ghana provides seamless deposit options primarily through mobile money services.

Betfox Ghana Payment options

Before we get to the payment methods, a quick PSA for the many aviator crash game fans here: Yes, BetFox Ghana features Aviator and also offers dedicated Betfox Aviator Promos. In this review, however, we take a detailed look at Betfox deposit methods and describe how to deposit money on Betfox Ghana. You can read more on how to deposit in betting sites using a wide range of payment methods here. If you already have a betting account at BetFox and would like to learn more about the bookie’s withdrawal rules, go read our detailed analysis of how to withdraw money from betfox.

Betfox Ghana deposit options

BetFox prioritizes user convenience by integrating with all major local mobile money operators, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions for its customers. Customers can choose from three mobile money operators, namely MTN money, Vodafone Cash and Airtel-Tigo as a third option.

Mobile money deposit options are popular with betting customers because they are quick and convenient. You only need to complete a few steps on your mobile phone and the money is reflected in your betting account within minutes.

MTN money is the most popular mobile money service in Ghana. This explains why it was the first mobile payment option offered by Betfox Ghana when it launched its operations. They have since added Vodafone Cash as a second option. Vodafone is the second most popular mobile service provider after MTN Ghana. As of now, Betfox is also one of many Airtel bookmakers in Ghana, since the bookie has added Airtel Tigo as a third options a few months ago. All in all, the mobile payment options at Betfox absolutely cover the most im

Each mobile money service has a unique code that you dial on your mobile phone to initiate the deposit process. After that it is just a matter of a few steps and you will have money in your betting account immediately. It is expected that you will use the same mobile number your registered the Betfox account with to deposit funds.

Deposit and Withdrawal Details:

  • Transactions are conducted exclusively between the mobile number registered with the BetFox account.
  • Both deposits and withdrawals are processed free of charge and typically completed instantly.
  • The minimum deposit amount stands at GHS 1, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of GHS 2.

Mobile Money Options:

  1. MTN Mobile Money:
    • BetFox directly integrates with MTN Ghana, enabling easy deposits and withdrawals via MTN Mobile Money.
    • To initiate a deposit, users log in to their accounts, navigate to the “Deposit” section, select MTN, input the desired amount, and confirm the transaction on their mobile phones using the 4-digit MoMo PIN.
  2. Vodafone Cash:
    • BetFox also supports Vodafone Cash (M-Pesa) transactions, with direct integration with Vodafone Ghana.
    • To deposit funds, users log in, access the “Deposit” feature, select Vodafone, input the desired amount, and confirm the transaction on their mobile phones using the 4-digit Vodafone Cash PIN.
  3. AirtelTigo Money:
    • For added flexibility, BetFox integrates directly with AirtelTigo Ghana, facilitating deposits and withdrawals via AirtelTigo Money.
    • To deposit, users log in, select the “Deposit” option, choose AirtelTigo, input the amount, and confirm the transaction on their mobile phones using the 4-digit AirtelTigo Cash PIN.
Betfox Ghana mobile deposits

We now describe in detail how to use two of the mobile money methods so that you don’t struggle when making a deposit into your Betfox account.

How to deposit using MTN money

With MTN as the largest mobile money services provider, most betting customers are likely to use this method. Regular Betfox Ghana customers may already be used to this method since it was the only option available for a while.

You just need to follow these few steps to deposit using MTN mobile money:

  1. Dial *170# on your MTN mobile number
  2. Select the ‘Paybill’ option
  3. Select ‘General Payments’ option
  4. Enter the Payment Code as ‘betfox’
  5. Give the amount you wish to deposit
  6. Enter the Reference as ‘betfox’
  7. Enter your PIN to complete the Payment
  8. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction is successful

You will not be charged anything for the transaction and the money will reflect in your betting account within a few minutes.

How to deposit using Vodafone Cash

This is the second mobile money deposit option added by Betfox Ghana and is bound to be also popular. The provider has an extensive network of money agents across Ghana, making it accessible to many betting customers in the country.

Here is how to deposit on Betfox using Vodafone Cash:

  1. Dial *110# on your Vodafone mobile number
  2. Select the ‘Make Payments’ option
  3. Choose the ‘Fun and Games’ option
  4. Select option number 2 – “Bookmaker”
  5. Enter the Payment Reference as ‘betfox’
  6. Give the amount you wish to deposit
  7. Enter your PIN to complete the transaction
  8. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction is successful

Transactions are instant and free of charge when you use Vodafone Cash to deposit into your Betfox Ghana account. You will have the money in your betting account within minutes and you can start placing bets right away.


While BetFox currently offers three leading mobile money options for deposits and withdrawals, there is a commitment to further enhancing the payment ecosystem to better serve customers. The platform aims to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience and continues to explore additional payment methods to meet evolving user needs.

Betfox has been gradually improving their service offerings since they are still new in the game. They started with only one mobile money option and have since added a second and third one, just other bookmakers, which already have all three leading mobile money providers as you can read on our Betboro deposit page.

Most betting customers prefer mobile money methods because they are fast, convenient, and easy to complete. If you regularly access betting sites using your mobile phone, mobile payments become an added convenience since you can complete all transactions on your mobile phone without many requirements such as account verification and other personal details.

We hope that as Betfox continues to grow, it will make available more deposit options so that all customers can be well included. This will make the bookmaker to compete better with other industry giants.