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Statistics are an extremely important part of betting. Betting Companies employ the use of statistics when setting their odds for a particular betting market. Usually, they have a collection of databases for the sports and markets they offer to their customers. Bettors at times also rely on statistics in choosing a betting option that will guarantee them some payout.

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When a bookie sets up their odds for an event, it is based on implied probability and not mathematical certainty. This opens a window of opportunity for the punter to use statistics for a nearly accurate prediction. Keep in mind, this does not imply guaranteed wins. But it is a strategy that will earn you cash in the long run.

Sure bet tips and predictions

Current surebet tips
Cagliari 🔵🔴
Fiorentina 🟣
🇮🇹 Serie A
Thu. 23.5.2024
7:45 PM GMT+1  

Double Chance X/2
Odds: 1.24

Girona 🔴⚪️
Granada 🔴⚪️
🇪🇸 La Liga
Fri. 24.5.2024
9:00 PM GMT+1 
Girona win
Odds: 1.253
Manchester City 🔵⚪️
Manchester United 🔴⚪️
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 FA Cup Final 🏆
Sat. 25.5.2024
4:00 PM GMT+1 

Man City win
Odds: 1.23

Kaiserslautern 🔴⚪️
Bayer Leverkusen 🔴⚫️
🇩🇪 DFB Cup Final 🏆
Sat. 25.5.2024
8:00 PM GMT+1

Both teams receive a card – yes
Odds: 1.28

Leeds ⚪️
Southampton 🔴⚪️
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Championship Play-Offs
Sun. 26.5.2024
4:00 PM GMT+1
Total goals over 1.5
Odds: 1.28

The use of statistics in betting is more applicable in some forms of betting than others. For instance, the corner markets, booking markets and the number of corners are some of the markets where punters can make a profit by the use statistics. Nevertheless, no matter the number of statistics available, a punter must understand and know how to use them. Applying statistics in betting is no assurance of a win or success, but it goes a long way in helping the bettor succeed. At this stage, you may be wondering how to integrate statistics into your betting and how to go about it. This is the point where we talk about statistical surebet predictions.

The application of the statistical approach to betting has led to what we now know as statistical sure bets. We are going to delve into it in detail but first, keep in mind that you will need to register and fund a betting account with a bookie. So before we go into more detail, make sure you understand the ins and outs of how to deposit money in betting sites.

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 What are statistical Sure Bets?

Statistical surebets are based on the use of data. Basically, these are predictions that are backed by using available data and statistics to reach a conclusion. While they are not 100% full proof, they have a high winning probability. Because of the high win probability, punters have a decent chance of making profits from their wagers, especially in the long run.

With this type of bet, you use available data as the basis of your betting decisions or options and your own calculations to find value or potential reward from a bet placed.

Research for Statistical Surebets

There are basically two ways to settle for a bet. It is possible to find odds that are attractive and you research the teams or players involved in the event. Conversely, you could find an event, do research on the teams and find odds that could guarantee you some profit in other to be able to make a withdrawal from your betting account.

Whether you prefer the former or the latter, you still have to put some effort into researching the teams, instead of depending on your gut feelings or intuition. For instance, if you want to bet on a football match, you will need some data to make a decision on the betting market or option you will settle for.

Which factors make a statistical surebet?

Basic statistics such as a team’s current form, Head-to-Head record of the two teams, Injuries, the number of players available, Home/Away form amongst many other factors can determine who gets the advantage and ultimately help in making a decision on which market to settle for or the team to back. After making a decision on what to bet on, the next thing is to use your newly acquired knowledge or information to look for odds that will give you the chance to make a profit. Your knowledge will help you avoid betting options or odds that are not profitable even when the bet is most likely to land.

For instance, outright betting PSG to win the French Ligue 1 seems like the most logical option to bet on, when you consider the number of titles they have won, the calibre of players available to them and so on. However, this will not be a profitable bet as the odds on PSG to win the league will be so little that it can hardly return a profit. Additionally, bookies would not set high odds on a firm favourite like PSG to win the league in France or Bayern Munich in Germany, as they will are likely to lose money by giving huge payout to everyone who backed them. Thus, one has to look for events or betting options with profitable margins backed by the data gathered.

1xbet odds outright winner German Bundesliga
With these odds, your bet might be safe,
but the returns on your 1xbet deposit would be very low.

Statistical surebet betting options

Anyone who is interested in online sports betting can make use of statistics when placing a bet. As earlier stated there are some information or data you have to search for in order to make a sound judgement. When you have the data set for these teams, then you can go ahead to apply it to your bets – or you can just rely on our expertise and use our sure bet predictor.

Some of the betting options that make for good statistical sure bets are over/under markets such as corner kicks, total goals, the total number of cards, the total number of shots on target and many more.

How much should I bet on a statistical surebet?

Naturally, one might think that lower odds require high stakes betting in order to pay off. While we do acknowledge that higher stakes are a factor in statistical sure bets, we must advise you to never wager more than you can actually dispense with. A smaller stake can go a long way if it is placed on several sure tips that are combined either in an acca or a system bet. This is especially true with system bets, where you can choose a so-called banker (i.e. you can select one or several of the bets as bankers if you are very sure of the outcome in order to increase your odds). At the end of the day, we would always advise you to opt for odds between 1.25 and 2.50 instead of flamboyant underdog tips or accas with >10 bets.

As far as numbers go, we opt for stakes of 3-5 units per betting tip with one unit being 1% of your total account balance. Let’s try a quick example: You deposited 200$ into your betting account. So one unit equals 2$. If you bet on a surebet tip with odds of 1.25, we would suggest wagering 5 units (i.e. 10$), as the odds are fairly low indicating a highly likely positive outcome. So on this sure bet you would earn a net profit of 2.50$ – this may seem like a negligible profit, but it is another unit that you can add to your balance! In case of an acca/system/single bet with odds of 2.00 however, we would recommend opting for a maximum of 3 units (i.e. 6$ in our example), which would result in a net profit of 6$ or 3 units.

Example of a statistical sure bet for Over 2.5 Goals

Assuming you want to bet on over 2.5 goals in a match between Arsenal and Burnley. Arsenal’s stats reveal that 75% of their home matches returns over 2.5 goals. Burnley, on the other hand, has over 2.5 goals in 47% of their away games, 6 (60%) of their last 10 meetings returning over 2.5 goals. The stats available shows that there is a 55% chance of the match producing over 2.5 goals. This means that you can only bet on odds of 1.82 or higher on the three total goals option to make a profit. This is because 55% likelihood is equal to 1.82 odds. When you win, you can then go on to withdraw your winnings or have it increase your bankroll, so you don’t have to deplete your pocket to make a betting deposit.

Keep in mind, that live odds often provide a great resource for sure bet tips, as you can follow the game development and therefore can factor in a team’s momentum as well as other real time statistical data (e.g. from a livescore service). In these instances it is crucial to lose no time when placing your bet. Therefore we strongly advise signing up with a bookmaker that offers mobile deposit options via phone, for instance via betwinner mpesa or the 22bet paybill number.

Disadvantages of a statistical sure bet

While using statistical surebet approach for betting could go a long way in increasing a bettor’s chances to land a winning, there are a few downsides to using statistics in betting.

There are quite a number of factors like weather and other unforseen circumstance that statistics does not cover for. Similarly, there is always the question of how far back one should go for statistics on teams or players. These are some of the shortcomings of using statistical surebets. However, in the long run the benefits will by far outweigh these minor flaws.

Statistical sure bet tips – FAQs

What are surebets?

Simply put, a surebet, also known as arbitrage, guarantees you a certain amount of profit regardless of the outcome your bet.

Is it the same as statistical surebet?

in a statistical surebet you are highly likely to win, but it can still go wrong (against the odds).

How much can I win through surebet tips?

How much you win from a bet depends the number of events on your slip, how much you staked and the bookie you are using.

What should I consider before placing sure bet?

Team form, player availability, H2h record, among others are all factors that we take into account when offering sure bet tips.