Cyber Bet Paybill

Cyberbet is a newcomer to the African betting sector, but it has already acquired a huge stake in the market. The fact that the website is the embodiment of a flawless customer experience with such a wide range of payment methods is hardly astonishing. The availability of a wide range of payment methods has become increasingly important to gamblers before choosing a bookmaker, and this makes Cyberbet an excellent choice because it allows you to utilize any well-known payment methods. Check out the many ways on cyber bet deposit methods to finance your cyberbet account if you have signed up for an account with the bookmaker. As part of our due diligence, we’ll take you through making payments through the Cyber Bet paybill.

Cyber Bet Paybill

CyberBet paybill / mobile money deposit
Kenya 🇰🇪Ghana 🇬🇭
Nigeria 🇳🇬Tanzania 🇹🇿
Uganda 🇺🇬South Africa 🇿🇦

CyberBet paybill deposit from Kenya 🇰🇪

Since its launch in Kenya, Cyberbet has swiftly established itself as a leading bookmaker in the country thanks to the wide range of convenient payment methods it offers to its consumers. You can also use Kenya’s most popular means of mobile money transfer: Cyber Bet Mpesa. These are completed through Safaricom M-Pesa service, which is a money transfer service where you send and withdraw money from the Cyber Bet paybill number.

The deposits and withdrawals made through Mpesa are free, except in cases where usual fees are applicable. Kenyan bettors find the process to be flawless, simple, and quick.

How to Deposit money through M-Pesa

We’ll walk you through the steps of utilizing Mpesa, a popular Kenyan mobile payment system, to load your Cyberbet Kenya account.

  • To get started, go to your Cyberbet account and sign in
  • In the top-right corner of the website, find and click on the ‘Deposit’ symbol
  • Choose Mpesa as your payment method and enter the desired deposit amount (Minimum is 500 KES)
  • Select “Pay” from the button below
  • Finally, you’ll get a pop-up menu for Mpesa on your phone
  • To verify the payment, enter your Mpesa PIN
  • It will be credited instantly

Upon successful completion of the payment, you will be taken back to their website. It is very easy and straightforward.

Cyberbet Kenya Mpesa Paybill Payment

How to Withdraw money in Cybet Bet using M-Pesa

In the same way as depositing funds into your account, obtaining funds from Cyberbet using Mpesa is simple and quick. To withdraw funds from your Cyberbet account using M-Pesa, simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • Log in to the “My Account” section of your Cyberbet Kenya account
  • Click on the ‘Withdraw Funds’ button
  • From the drop-down menu, select M-Pesa withdrawal
  • Enter your cell phone number here
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • A code will be delivered to the mobile phone number you provided
  •  Type the code into the box provided and push the ‘OK’ button
  • In a matter of minutes, you’ll have the money in your mobile wallet


The availability of Cyberbet Mpesa alternatives in Kenya is extremely exceptional, and customers are overjoyed that it is available. It is, in fact, one of the most often used and favored approaches. Also, Mpesa deposits are automatic and do not require a Cyberbet paybill. Once you have confirmed payment on your Cyberbet account, a pop-up window will open where you enter your Mpesa wallet pin.

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Cyber Bet Mobile Payment Options Nigeria 🇳🇬

A wide variety of payment options are offered to Nigerian gamblers. Online banking services, debit cards, prepaid cards, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are among the payment options available to Nigerian customers of Cyberbet. It’s possible to make payments using multiple crypto-currency options as well. However, paybills cannot be used to make payments. Check out our pages on 22bet paybill for more information on payment options in using Paybill.

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CyberBet MTN mobile money deposit from Ghana 🇬🇭

Cyber bet account holders in Ghana have a wide range of payment alternatives to choose from. Mobile Money, AstroPay, WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller are just a few of the payment methods available to customers. Ghanaians, on the other hand, prefer to use their mobile phones to make payments. As a result, gamers can make deposits and withdrawals using Cyberbet MTN mobile money. It is instantaneous, and there are no additional fees associated with using this service.

How to make a deposit Using MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.

As previously said, MTN Ghana is the most widely used payment method among Ghanaians, making it convenient for players. To deposit amounts to your Cyberbet account using MTN Ghana, follow the instructions listed below.

  1. Open a web browser and sign in to your account
  2. Select the Deposit symbol
  3. MTN will appear if you do so
  4. Please enter the desired deposit amount
  5. To go to the next phase, click the ‘Green’ button
  6. The MTN logo should be selected
  7. Enter the data needed
  8. To complete the transaction, click the “Pay” button

The minimum deposit amount is 25 GHS, while the maximum is 5000 GHS. Using this service is completely free and there are no extra fees.

Cyberbet Ghana Paybill Payment

How to Make a Withdrawal using MTN Mobile Money

The steps outlined here will assist you in accessing your funds from your Cyberbet account using MTN Ghana.

  1. Go to ‘My Account’ in your Cyberbet Ghana
  2. ‘Withdraw Funds’ is the option to choose
  3. Under ‘Mobile Payments’, select MTN Ghana
  4. Input your MTN phone number and the amount you’d want to withdraw
  5. To finalize the transaction, click on the ‘Confirm’ button
  6. Upon successful withdrawal, you will be notified by SMS

The least amount to withdraw is 150 GHS and the highest amount to withdraw is 5000 GHS. This service is instantaneous and there are no fees associated with it.


Ghanaians have developed a preference for mobile money transactions, with Cyber Bet MTN being the most popular option, which has helped to accelerate the company’s growth in the market because it accepts Ghanaian currency.

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Mobile Money Options for Cyber Bet Tanzania 🇹🇿

Several payment options are accessible to consumers of Cyberbet Tanzania. They accept electronic wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and AstroPay. According to the site, more than a dozen payment options are available, including Cryptocurrency.. The majority of gamers in Tanzania choose to make betting payments through mobile money since it is simple and handy. We had anticipated it being accessible, but to our astonishment, mobile money is not currently available in Tanzania. We will definitely update more details when it is introduced to the market.

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MTN / Airtel mobile payment to Cyber Bet from Uganda 🇺🇬

E-wallet, mobile money, and cryptocurrency are just some of the payment options available to Ugandans when utilizing their Cyberbet accounts to make withdrawals or deposits. Ugandans, on the other hand, will tend to gravitate toward mobile money transfers due to the country’s dominance in this area. It is possible to use MTN and Airtel Money to deposit and withdraw money from Cyber Bet.
There is no fee for MTN and Airtel transactions and the minimum is 20,000 Ugx and the maximum is 18,000,000 Ugx.

When you sign up with Cyber bet mobile, we have offered you more information on cyber bet withdrawal, on our page

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Cyberbet mobile payment methods South Africa 🇿🇦

A large range of payment alternatives is part of the essential component when want to distinguish themselves and have a higher competitive niche to other sportsbooks in the South Africa market. When it comes to making a payment at Cyberbet South Africa, customers can choose from a multitude of options, including debit cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallet services, and prepay cards. The most often utilized payment options are credit and debit cards. In contrast to Kenya, where mobile money is the favored payment method, Cyber Bet South Africa does not support any mobile money channels.

It’s possible that you’re new to the concept of mobile payment in sports betting. In that case, this advice on how to deposit on 1xbet using mtn mobile money will be of considerable help.

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