Mybet Africa Withdrawal

From an African sports betting perspective, Mybet Africa is a massive online platform that host quite a number of sporting events. Mybet has managed to stay not only relevant, but also ahead of many of its rivals in the betting industry credit to its exceptional features and offers. One of the biggest drawcards can be testified in their effortless and simple mybet Africa withdrawal methods. In this review, we will do an unbiased analysis of mybet Africa withdrawal methods. We will take you through all the rules and limits you should consider when withdrawing funds from your mybet Africa account.

mybet africa withdrawal options momo

As much as withdrawal is important, you should be able to deposit money into Mybet Africa first to have access to their offers. So you can check out our piece on how to deposit into mybet account.

Mybet Ghana Withdrawal Methods 🇬🇭 offers real money betting. To enjoy the real money sports betting experience, players must be able to withdraw their funds from their betting accounts with ease after winning. No wonder Mybet has earned the name “the home of betting” in Ghana, because all Mybet offers which include their withdrawal options are integrated with the Ghanaian punter in mind. Mybet has considered the explosive nature of Mobile money services in Ghana and Africa at large to tailor their withdrawal options with the hope to serve every citizen. In Ghana, there are only three network providers available, making every citizen to at least belong to one of the network providers as their means of communication and transactions. These has made it perfect for mybet to rely on these three MoMo providers.

These Mybet withdrawal methods include MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash and Airtel Tigo Cash respectively. With the availability of these three options, Ghanaian punters are adequately covered in terms of withdrawing their funds from their Mybet account. This is because all three mobile money services in Ghana are available to customers.

mybet withdrawal options

  • MTN Money:  min. 10 GHS – max. 10,000 GHS – immediate – No service charge
  • Vodafone Cash: min. 10 GHS – max. 10,000 GHS – Immediate – No service charge
  • Airtel Tigo Money: min. 10 GHS – max. 10,000 GHS – immediate – No service charge

Mybet Withdrawal through Mobile Money Services

In just a few years, mobile money services has become one of the most preferred payment methods for Ghanaians. According to the 2019 Report by World Bank, Ghana has become the fastest-growing mobile money market in Africa.

Figures from Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) also indicate that mobile money interoperability (MMI) increased by 358% in the first quarter of 2020.

One of the main reasons why mobile money services are increasingly popular is their convenience. Mobile money subscribers enjoy the ease of having instant access to their money at any time and anywhere. Therefore, there is no need to join long queues at the bank to withdraw or deposit money. So it is only natural that one of Ghana’s leading online bookmaker will fill its withdrawal options with only the mobile money services, namely MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo Cash.

How to withdraw money via MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo mobile money services

As it is with Mybet Africa, withdrawing money from your accounts is like a walk in the park, very simple and straightforward. Unlike other bookmakers, Mybet Africa offers one circuit to withdraw your funds, be it MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo Cash. We will be more than delighted to take you through the steps.

  • Log in to your betting account with your username and password.
  • Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner of the homepage.
  • The pop-up page has buttons for different commands, locate “Withdraw” button and tap on it.
  • Click on the withdraw button below your preferred service carrier.
  • Specify the withdrawal amount in the page that pops up as shown below.

mybet withdraw dialogue srceen

  • Select your channel or mobile number and confirm the request by clicking on the Confirm button.
  • You will receive SMS notification of your funds instantly.

Typically, withdrawals are always successful and instant unless of course there is a technical issue with the specific mobile network which you can check with customer support.

Note: For the first withdrawal, customers will be required to provide their proof of identity. A verification process is standard procedure for sports betting withdrawal.

Our verdict on the Mybet Africa Withdrawal options

Mybet Africa could be handicapped operating in other countries, but, in Ghana where the most popular means of transaction is through mobile services, players are adequately taken care of when it come to withdrawal options.

However, Mybet Africa still has some catching up to do in this regard, compared to other top bookmakers. Some bookies in the Ghanaian market also offer a range of payment options including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies in addition to mobile money options. If you are interested in bookies with a vast array of payment options, you should start off by checking our how to deposit money in 1xbet page.

We hope that as Mybet Africa continues to grow, it will make available more withdrawal options so that all customers can be well included. This will enable the bookmaker to compete better with other industry giants.

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