Paripesa withdrawal

One of the biggest thrills that come with placing a bet is to win and it does not happen every single time a punter places a bet. But when a bet lands, usually, there is the urge to quickly withdraw the funds and enjoy the windfall. At this point, the last thing a player wants to experience is a problematic withdrawal system. Struggling to withdraw winnings can be frustrating and no one wants to go through that. We have already provided you with a review of the Paripesa deposit methods, so in case you haven’t signed up with the bookie yet, you can find out how to make your first deposit there.

Paripesa withdrawal method

This is where Paripesa has distinguished itself. They have earned a reputation for the prompt settlement of winnings via a variety of withdrawal methods. If you have a Paripesa account or you are planning on opening one, this article is for you as we are going to explain in detail how to withdraw from Paripesa.

Additionally, you will also find out about Paripesa minimum withdrawal limits and paripesa withdrawal time.

Paripesa Withdrawal methods

This bookmaker is one of the few betting sites in Nigeria offering more than the traditional Bank transfer withdrawal method.  Despite integrating close to 20 different commercial banks for customers to withdraw their funds, they have gone a step further by making Ewallet (Opay) and Internet Banking options available to customers as well. 

Bank withdrawal on Paripesa

Bank transfer is the go-to withdrawal method for most bookies operating a betting site in Nigeria. And Paripesa is well in tune with this fact. There are over 15 commercial banks punters can have their winnings transferred without any hassle. The minimum withdrawal amount is N550. 

  • Bank withdrawal: Min. N 550 max. Unstated  – Up to 24 hours (dependent on the choice of Bank) – No charges

How to withdraw on Paripesa using Bank Transfer

  • Log into your account 
  • Click on the account icon at the top of the page
  • Select withdrawal 
  • Choose the Bank of your choice 
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw 
  • Provide your Account number details
  • Fill in your first and last names
  • After that, click on confirm 
Bank withdrawal on Paripesa

How to withdraw from Paripesa via E-wallet withdrawal

 Under the E-wallet section, only via the option of payment via OPay is available. Opay is already already enjoys a huge degree of popularity in Nigeria and withdrawing from Paripesa using Opay is easy. Follow the steps stated below to withdraw from Paripesa.

  • Opay: Min. N 550 max. Unstated  – Instant  – No charges
  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to the withdrawal section 
  • Select OPay 
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw 
  • Tap on confirm 
  • The fund will be deposited in your Opay Wallet directly
Opay withdrawal on Paripesa

Internet Banking Paripesa withdrawal

 Withdrawal on Paripesa using internet banking is a little more robust than the Ewallet withdrawal with four options available. These options are Globus Bank, Providus Bank, Polaris and Titan Trust Bank. The minimum withdrawal amount is also N550. To withdraw funds using any of the Internet Banking methods, follow the guide below:

  • Internet Banking: Min. N 550 max. Unstated  – Instant – No charges
  • Log on to your Paripesa account 
  • Navigate to the withdrawal section 
  • Go to the Internet Banking section 
  • Select your preferred option 
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw 
  • Provide your Account number details 
  • Fill in your first name and surname
  • Tap on confirm to complete the transaction
Internet banking withdrawal on Paripesa

Paripesa Quickteller Withdrawal

 Quickteller is one of the most popular payment gateways available in Nigeria today. It facilitates payments of day to day bills and other forms of transactions including payment into betting account and withdrawal. Paripesa customers also have the option of having their winnings paid out through the use of Quickteller.

  • Quickteller: Min. N 550 max. Unstated  – Instant – No Fee

Below is a guide on how to withdraw from Paripesa via Quickteller:

  • Login into your account 
  • Go to the withdrawal section
  • Select Quickteller
  • State the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Provide details such as your first and last names
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Choose a Bank of your choice
  • Click on confirm to complete the transaction 
Quickteller Paripesa withdrawal

Paripesa withdrawal rules

Now that you know the different withdrawal methods on Paripesa, it is important that we highlight some of the most important withdrawal rules of this bookmaker. The rules are as follows:

  • Withdrawal can only be made via the same method used for deposit
  • The Bookie does not recommend the transfer of funds from one payment method to another one
  • You cannot withdraw funds after making a deposit without placing a bet
  • Paripesa May refuse withdrawal via payment system or in cash in favour of Bank transfer
  • The deposit or withdrawal amount must correspond to the value of the bet placed(50% of funds deposited must be used to wager on a minimum of 1.40 odds)


Paripesa knows the importance of the prompt payment of winnings to Punters and they have made provision for some of the most popular withdrawal methods available on their platform. With the Paripesa withdrawal methods, players are guaranteed a stress free and almost instant withdrawal from their betting accounts.

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Paripesa Withdrawal – FAQ

Which withdrawal methods are available on Paripesa?

Paripesa allows you to withdraw money using several payment methods. These include:

– Bank withdrawal
– Opay
– Internet banking
– Quickteller

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from Paripesa?

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦‎ 550 using any of the withdrawal methods available.

How much is one charged when you withdraw from Paripesa?

Withdrawals from Paripesa are free for all the withdrawal methods available. You will not be charged anything.

Are there any rules associated with Peripesa withdrawals that we should know about?

Yes. One, you can only withdraw from Peripesa using the same payment method you used for deposit. Also, you cannot make withdrawals after making a deposit without placing a bet. Lastly, Paripesa may reject withdrawal by other methods in favor of bank transfer.