How to withdraw from Frapapa

Usually, before choosing a bookmaker, bettors consider a variety of factors such as the registration process, ease of depositing, offers and promos available as well as the process of withdrawing winnings.  In most cases, the methods of depositing are a lot easier than withdrawal (find our review of the Frapapa deposit methods here).

Frapapa withdrawal methods

This is partly because of the international and local legal framework that governs betting. Essentially, bookies have to follow this framework to ensure responsible gaming and discourage illicit financial flows. For Frapapa, being a rapidly growing platform requires strict adherence to these regulatory guidelines. As a result, the Nigerian bookmaker can currently offer only one withdrawal method, similar to the Betking withdrawal procedure, i.e. bank transfer.

How to withdraw from Frapapa

  • Log in or sign up to Frapapa
  • Make the required deposit (₦ 100 minimum)
  • Go to the sportsbook or casino section
  • Place  real money bet on any game of your choice
  • Go to your profile if you win and tap withdraw

Frapapa withdrawal methods

As stated earlier, Frapapa has modelled its platform along global sports betting security standard. This way, you can rest assured that your winnings are safe, secure and readily available at any point. In line with common practice in Nigeria’s betting industry, Frapapa allows users to access their winnings through bank transfers.

At the point of registration, you will be required to input relevant details such as your name, phone number, email and preferred password. Here, it is your responsibility to ensure that the name you enter is the same as that of your bank account.

What do I need to do?

After creating your account, you would need to;

  • Scroll to your profile
  • Click ”payment account”
  • Choose your bank name from the drop down menu
  • Add the bank account number
  • Click add account to complete the process

Once your account has been added, it would be the means through which your winnings can be withdrawn from Frapapa. To withdraw,

  • Click the orange colored ”withdrawal” button on the right side of your profile
  • Enter the amount
  • Click ‘withdrawal” on the right side of the account

It is important to note that if you are withdrawing a huge amount, you would be required to go through a verification process known as KYC. In line with the rules guiding the game, Frapapa requires some documents such as address verification, valid ID and utility bill. This way, money laundering is prevented.

Frapapa Withdarawal Page

To complete the KYC/ verification process, you can *346*3*nin*74631# on your registered phone number. Alternatively, you can click ”verify now” on your profile to verify your account. In addition, bank transfers can take few minutes or 24 hours, depending on the bank you are using and when you initiated the withdrawal.


Without doubt, the credibility of a bookmaker is determined by different factors, one of which is the ease with which users can withdraw their winnings. Although, the withdrawal method is limited to bank transfers only, you are guaranteed to have a well protected Frapapa transaction all the way. If you are interested in a greater variety in betting payment methods, we suggest checking international bookies with licenses to operate in African countries, such as 1xbet.