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Paripesa’s successful operations in multiple African countries in the last few years indicates the extent to which it understands what it takes to build a huge customer base in this rapidly growing betting market. Within a short period, Paripesa has gained huge ground as a force to reckon with through attractive offers and promos. One of such is the Advancebet offer.

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With this, new and existing customers are given access to funds as long as they have an unsettled bet in their account. You can use the fund to bet in advance as you await the outcome of your initial stake.

How it works

  • Register or log in to your Paripesa account.
  • Make a required deposit depending on your location. Find out more on how to deposit on paripesa
  • Place real money bet on any game of your choice
  • If your bet is yet to be settled, the Advancebet amount will reflect on your slip
  • Tap “find out” next to the “Available Advancebet” button to get the actual amount available

Paripesa Advancebet Offer

How to use Advancebet

  • It can be used to wager on any in-play or pre-match event scheduled to begin within 48 hours
  • It is offered based on assessment of your potential return from the unsettled bet you have
  • The proceeds of your initial bet will be used to cover the cost of Advancebet within 48 hours
  • If, after settlement of the bets placed before Advancebets, the returns do not cover the amount of the Advancebets used, the Advancebets will be nullified.

In case you use the feature and your bet comes through successfully, you can get details on how to withdraw from paripesa here.

Terms and conditions

  1. It is open to new and existing customers
  2. Real money bet must be placed to be eligible
  3. Additional Advancebets can be placed even if you already have unsettled Advancebets.
  4. If your initial bet is settled as lost, the Advancebet will be considered void
  5. Your returns from initial bet must be able to cover the cost of the Advancebet placed


Sports betting is a risky and capital intensive venture. With Paripesa’s Advancebet offer, you have the chance to maximize your winning potential and avert too many losses by placing a bet in advance while you await the outcome of your initial stake. So even if you don’t have sufficient balance, you can wager on upcoming games and pay for it later from the profits you made through your initial stake.

Meanwhile, you can make use of our statistical sure bets to boost your winning chances or check out how to use perfect money for deposits at bookmakers on our perfect money sport betting page.

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